Andrew and I LOVE capturing our client's story. We get to be involved in some of the most important events in people's lives. During the exciting time of telling that story, clients often get to know ours. Some of whom have become our biggest cheerleaders and have told us that they would love to be apart of our story. Our story has to do with the continent of Africa, East Africa specifically. It's where someday, Andrew and I hope to participate in medical work alongside locals. It's our passion. Naturally, we want everything we do in life to involve that passion.

In 2009, I spent time in Kenya for my undergrad Counseling internship. In 2019, I lived in Rwanda for five weeks while participating in clinical research in the ICU for my master's degree in nursing. While I had wanted to live in Africa since the age of 12, those two trips solidified my love for a continent I had only dreamed of going too since I was a child. One day, we hope to work more closely alongside the amazing people I've had the opportunity of meeting.

That's why we are so thrilled to have a portion of every wedding and portrait session go to the Von Herbulis family in Rwanda. They are doing great things in agriculture and supporting women residing outside of their home country. Check out Karli Von Herbulis:  




Third Culture Thriving

- John hemingway

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